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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Characteristics of Resume Templates

Many job seekers are finding the resume templates pretty helpful in designing their CVs. These templates are free to download and can be edited and filled with the respective information in corresponding sections to get a perfect resume. These templates are available in different formats for different jobs. If you are in need of any such template, you can make proper research and choose the template that will match your profile and highlight you effectively. Here are some important characteristics of these resume templates.

Characteristics of Resume Templates

There are many points you must keep in mind when you are designing a resume template or using these templates to design your CV. The major characteristics of these templates are format, space and length.


Appropriate format is important for any template. There are three main types of formats commonly preferred by job seekers. These are chronological format, functional format and combinational format. Proper format will also boost the appearance of your CV. Important details like your key skills, major achievements, etc., can be easily highlighted if you choose an appropriate format for the template.


Space is another important characteristic of the resume template. Make sure to leave proper spacing between the lines so that your application appears pleasing to the eye.


Resume length should be limited to two pages. However, ideally it should be a one pager. But it is not possible to include all the job specific details in single page; hence, extending it to two pages is permitted. A short resumes will always get attention from prospective employer and most probably they will be read completely.

You will get templates for all job positions. For example, if you are applying for any position in the field of education, you can search for the education resume template, or if you are applying for a job in the sales field, you can look for the sales resume template.

When designing your CV from the templates, do not include the information as everybody does in their applications, or you might get rejected. You need to make your application unique and impressive and hence, you need to make proper research to know about the company and the job profile you are applying for. 
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  2. Hi, Resume template helps a lot for writing a resume. Template gives an idea of how to write a good resume. Using the template its easy represent information on CV. Resume is the first impression on interviewer, so it should be in proper format and easy to understand.

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