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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Template for Actors

Resume for actors have a totally different format than the rest of the professions. One can say that a normal resume format will prove to be a disaster in seeking a job in the acting field. For example, an aspiring actor needs to mention his statistics, height, weight, complexion, hair color, eye color, marital status, etc. The education section takes a back step in acting. Similarly, mentioning all these factors in the field of say, medicine, will directly put your resume in the trash can.

In an actor’s resume, it is important to mention the experiences one has garnered in the said field, stage performances, advertisements, other commercials, etc. Experience is valued a lot in this particular field. It is directly translated into having no stage or camera fear, know how to emote, have the comfort level for facing the camera, etc. It depends on the institution one is applying in, for example, whether it is the radio, television, etc.

Technical skills have special value and are treated as an asset. For example, if one is a qualified dubbing artist, then it becomes a big plus point when applying for a job in theatrics, television, etc. The acting resume template thus will look like the following:

Contact Details:

- Postal Address
- E-Mail Address
- Phone Number

Personal Details:

- Statistics (Chest, Waist, Hips)
- Height (in feet and cms)
- Weight (in lbs)
- Complexion
- Hair color
- Eye color
- Marital status

Professional Experience:

Mention all your competitions that won you accolades, the internships you did, workshops attended, voluntary work, stage performances if any, etc. But while writing these down, make sure you mention details about the cast and the production house you worked with. Also, mention the references in this section. Sample this:

Stage Performances:

1. ABC Drama (XYZ Productions) TO (mm-yy) - TILL (mm-yy)
2. XYZ Television Commercial (Product Name) Month / Year
3. 123 Acting School Workshop (by A2Z Group)

Remember that acting is one field which requires many things including good looks, presentability, skills, talent, experience, hard work, dedication, etc. So add a section which talks about personality traits as well. While mentioning the qualities you think you possess, it is better to add something that supports that. Hope this sample actor resume template helps you draft your resume and send across the same with a personalized cover letter.


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